The Indian Store, Los Gatos, CA


Bracelets by Jason Takala, Hopi and Larry Joe, Navajo

Jason Takala, Hopi Silversmith, created this beautiful overlay bracelet set with Sugalite in the 1990's. Never worn, this elegant bracelet shows the timeless design of Hopi artistry by one of the finest Hopi Silversmiths.

Larry Joe, Navajo, has set a beautiful high grade Royston Turquoise stone in his hand fabricated bracelet. The design of this tapered cuff bracelet is well suited for both men and women.

Bracelets by Al Joe, Navajo Artist

Sterling Silver Bangle by Al Joe with classic geometric pattern.  Cuff bracelets with horses are part of Al's signature designs...each a welcomed addition to a collectors wrist.

Bright and bold...turquoise, coral, gaspeite,  orange spiney oyster shell, multi stone inlay
...bracelets and necklaces vary in style and design to suit your special style.
Bracelets and Necklaces